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How To Edit Raw photos Free In snapseed?

Edit Raw photos Free In Snapseed: Hello my friend, First of all, welcomes to our photo editing guide blog. Google has owned a new version of Snapseed for Android and iOS users. The update brings RAW Photo File editing option which is not available in most of the mobile photo editing tools and apps. A few years before RAW file photography was added to android phones. Now Snapseed application updating to support DNG format. The users will be able to have more flexibility in their editing compare to  JPEG format images. Here we guide you on how to edit the RAW photos using Snapseed.

Edit RAW Photos Using Snapseed   
Edit RAW Photos Using Snapseed

What is RAW File?

The RAW file format is in DNG which is an adobe proprietary standard for photos. The meaning of RAW format is the photo is taken in a loss-less fashion. It is processed through the camera sensor. Android phones were able to shoot in 2014. This is the many photographer's preferred method because your photo is easier to edit with as much info as possible. This is a great step in increasing the quality and control of output for mobile phone photography. Now lets look at the steps to edit RAM photos in Snapseed app.

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Snapseed RAM Photo Editor:

Snapseed is called as the photoshop of mobile photography here you will get all the editing options of the pro photo editor. Snapseed application is developed and launched for android users in 2012.  You can easily download and use the snapseed app from your app/play store. It a very simple and easy to use editor for all type of users. If you are using android mobile now you can edit your RAW photos with a snapseed application. It is a major upgrade for android mobile shooters. Okay, let's look at the steps below.

How To Edit Raw photos In Snapseed?

How To Edit Raw photos Free In snapseed?
The below are steps of how to edit RAW photos free in snapseed photo editor app.

  • First, you need to download the raw2dng application from the play store.
  • Now convert your raw photo file into DNG format using the raw2dng application.
  • When your RAW photo file converting to DNG format, the files maintain full quality but they can be directly imported into Snapseed.
  • After that open your RAW photo file (DNG format) in your snapseed.
  • Then RAW photo editing tool is available on your screen.
  • When you open a RAW photo, Develop tool starts automatically.
  • Tap the Tools button and select the Develop tool.
  • Letting you make the RAW adjustments first. Familiar parameters like exposure, Highlights, Temperature. As well as structure will get you started.
  • Then, continue editing as you would with the other tools and filters.
  • Use tune image to adjust the brightness, color, saturation.
  • Edit your RAW photo, until you have created the perfect photo.
  • There we have it, a wonderful edit from a RAW Photo file. Now you can save your edited RAW photo and share your social media and friends.

Here are the some examples of RAW photo edits using Snapseed application.
How To Edit Raw photos Free In snapseed?
How To Edit Raw photos Free In snapseed?

Final Words:

The Snapseed application is a great way to handle all of your image editing needs. I hope this RAW photo editing in snapseed info is useful to you. if you have any doubt about this editing you just ask in the comment section below. Thank you for reading the above article. keep following our blog for more updates.

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