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How To Add/Combine/Merge Two photos In Snapseed Online?

Add Two Photos In Snapseed: First of all, welcome to our Snapseed photo editing guide blog. Are you searching for a good photo editor app for adding two photos? don't worry you are in the correct place. We provide you a complete guide on how to add two photos using Snapseed. It can help you to create wonderful college photos without any errors. Snapseed introduced the double exposure tool which lets you add/combine two photos in a simple way. The final output you get with this tool is similar to the dreamy analog photography double exposures. 

How To Add Two photos In Snapseed?
How To Add Two photos In Snapseed?

Two merge photos there are plenty of editing apps available on the internet but this Snapseed provides you the best results with many other additional features. Okay now, let's look at how to add two photos on the Snapseed app.

Snapseed Info:

Snapseed is a powerful tool for professional image/photo editing. There is no better option than Snapseed to create a collage of images. The Snapseed application allows you to combine images easily. The Snapseed application provides you the best user-friendly interfaces so any new person can use all the features easily.  Snapseed had 29 plus tools and filter. including brush, Healing, HDR, Structure. All the tools are something different from any other photo editing tool.  If you use it at least one time Then you will not use any other application.  It supported jpg and Raw files so for this reason, professional photographers are using Snapseed applications. After the editing image, you can save your image and share it with your friends and social network easily. 

This application is maintained by Google so you will get good outputs and editing results. It is freely available on the Google play store and other app stores. Use and share your experience with us.

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How To Combine Two Photos Using Snapseed? 

How To Add Two photos In Snapseed
How To Add Two photos In Snapseed
Here We guide you on how to add two photos using the Snapseed application. Now you just follow the step-by-step guide below.

  • Download the Snapseed application and make sure that your application is an updated version.
  • Next, you will choose the image from your image gallery.
  • Select any filter from the display and apply it.
  • Then tap the tools button, Now you can see so many tools on your display.
  • After that, You need to select the double exposure tool.
  • Then, you can see three options like a plus icon, filter, opacity.
  • Choose the first icon and select the second image from your gallery and reposition it on the image screen.
How To Add Two photos In Snapseed
How To Add Two photos In Snapseed
  • Then tap the second icon and it is a light filter. Now you can choose any filter.
  • Select the third option to adjust the opacity of the image.
  • Next, select the Tik button and select the button on the top right corner side.
  • Select the view edits -> Double exposure and choose the brush tool.
  • Now zoom your image and brush on the unwanted portion of the image.
  • Finally, added two photos on Snapseed, your output comes beautifully.
How To Add Two photos In Snapseed
  • Then save your photo and share it with your friends and social networks easily. This is how you can easily combine/merge two images using the Snapseed app.


Snapseed application is one of the best applications for adding merging photos. I think this article will be very helpful to you. If you have any doubt about this editing you just ask in the comment section. Please follow this blog for more updates and details. Thank you for reading this article.

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