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VSCO For PC Free Download -Windows/Android/Mac 2024

VSCO for Pc : Welcome back everyone to our tech blog. Are you looking for the right way that how to use VSCO for Pc? Then no need to get worried, Because you are staying in the right place and reading the right content. This content is all about the complete guide, features and How to Install VSCO for Pc. This application is formerly called VSCO cam. This is a photography application available for Android and ios devices. This application will allow its users to capture images in the application and can edit by them self by using preset filters and many editing tools. Okay, let us look at the Features and How to install VSCO for Pc.

About VSCO for Pc:

VSCO app is created by Joel Flory and Greg Lutze. This application has more than 50 million downloads on Google play store and 4.4 rated by the app users. The required download size of the application is just 47 MB.  This is an advanced photo and video editing tool for creators. VSCO is the place where the expressions matter most. This application is offering creative photo and video editing tools, inspiration. You can also share the photos and videos with VSCO for a chance to be get curated by VSCO. This application was initially get realized in 2011 and get developed by the Visual supply company in California. They are headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. In recent days most of the users using the VSCO app as a simple editing tool. There are most of the users have a VSCO grid everywhere. There are many features like x-skew, filters, clarity, y-skew, Tint, skin tone, fade, shadow tint, highlighttint and many more. Okay, let us look at the briefed features and Installation process of VSCO for Pc.

Features of VSCO for Pc: 

  1. There is a vignette for better borders.
  2. You can make fade away with colors.
  3. There is straighten and have a good looking view from your Pc.
  4. You can also make perfect cropping.
  5. Adjusting contrast as much as you want.
  6. The exposure will be stunning.
  7. You can also compare your edited picture with the original picture.
  8. You can also instantly share your pictures to social media directly.
  • Filters: One of the wonderful thing in this app is filters that which comes as in-build. Those filters are designed to enhancing the photos without distorting them or making them not look too filtered. In the VSCO app, the filter using will be very simple. The application will automatically take you to the filter section. You just slide your finger to the right to see all the preset previews and can choose the filter which is best for your images. There are 13 free preset filters are available and also you can pay and get more filters.
  • X-skew: This option will modify and stretches the photo along the X-axis to change the angles of the image. You can move the X-skew to the left and right to switching angle and focus your photo. You notice that, If you move the cursor to the right then the right side of the photo will get appear closer and as you move to left, then the left side of the photo will look closer.
  • Y-skew: This option is similar to the X-skew and it will modify the photo focus point along the X-axis. As you move the cursor to the right of the photo, Then the top image will appear closer and if you move to the left, Then the bottom of the image will come closer. 
  • Tint: This tool will change the color of the tint of the image. Just by swiping the tint tool to the left side, the color in the photo will turn more toward to green tone and by right side swiping the tint slider then the color will get turns to purple tones.
  • Skin tone: In skin tone option, If your photo has an off looking skin tone color to a portrait or a selfie, Then this tool can fix that by targeting the tints of the colors that will be usually found in the skin tones. By sliding this tool to the left the photo skin tones will get pink and purple tint on it. By right sliding the tool then the skin will have a Green, orange tint on it,
  • Fade: This one of the fantastic tools to add that cool, vintage look for your photos by fading out the dark areas of the image. On sliding the tool to the right side then the dark of the image will get lifted and giving it more on the flat look. 
  • Shadow tint: This shadow tint option can add a certain color to the dark, shadow areas of the photo. 
  • Highlight tint: If your image has a lot of light areas, The highlights tint can add certain colors to those lighting areas. 
These all are the features of  VSCO for Pc. Now finally we going to look at how to install VSCO for Pc by using simple steps.

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Steps to install VSCO for Pc:

There is no direct source to install VSCO for Pc, But we have an alternative method for installing VSCO on Pc. For this method, you have to install an Android emulator on your Pc. There are many android emulators are available on the internet. But we are recommending our readers to use Bluestacks , It one of the safest and familiar android emulators available in the web market. Look at the below-given steps properly,
  • At first, You need to install the blue stacks app player on your Pc.
  • If it is your first time running Android application by using Bluestacks android emulator then you have to look at the briefed manual properly and the system requirements to run it on Pc.
  • If you completed these instructions, Then open Bluestacks app players and click on the Google play store application.
  • Now you have to make a one-time sign in by using the Gmail login account. It is the same as when you open your smartphone at first.
  • Now you have to search for the "VSCO" app on the top-given search bar.
  • Once if you find the application just hit download button  and complete the installation process.
  • You made it! You have successfully downloaded VSCO for Pc.
We hope that you have downloaded VSCO on Pc by using given simple steps. Now its time to enjoy VSCO cam and editing tools on your pc.


We have provided a complete briefed manual guide, features and How to install VSCO for Pc by using given simple steps. We hope that our content will useful to you guys. Now you can use VSCO on your Pc. Enjoy your wonderful experiences. Then you have to keep in touch with us get regular tech updates and news. Thank you all for supporting and reading our contents regularly. If anyone has queries related to this article then just write your comment on the given comment boxes.

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