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How To Replace/Change Object Colors In Snapseed? - Color Pop Effect

Replace/Change Color in Snapseed: Welcome to our photo editing guide blog. Snapseed is quite possibly the most famous portable photo-editing application. The range of Snapseed editing tools is huge and you feel daunting at first. So many Instagram users use Snapseed applications for photo editing and professional users also use the Snapseed application for their pro purpose. The more reason is very easy to use all the tools. Any new person can use the options very effectively. Most of the Snapseed users searching for a way to change or replace the color of an object in a phot using Snapseed. So, here we made this guide to share the method of how to replace a color in Snapseed and make sure you have updated the Snapseed application on your device before starting the editing.

Replace Color In Snapseed
Replace Color In Snapseed 
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Know About Snapseed?

Snapseed is an exceptional application to enhance the beauty of your photo by replacing the color. The famous photo editing application enables users to possess amazing photos with lots of elements in them. Snapseed having lots of advanced editing features like photo cropping, rotating, double exposure, face replacing, adding clouds, and sky. Snapseed application is the most popular application for pro-level photo editing which is provided by the Google company. Snapseed color replacement is an important feature it is utilized by more users. Still, now you don't know how to replace the object color using Snapseed? Don't worry we'll guide you on how to replace the color in the Snapseed application. 

Most people don't know the basic and advanced features of Snapseed so they can't use the app properly. Know the best-Snapseed app editing tips.

How To Replace Object Colors Using Snapseed?

The most reason to replace the color is to enhance the existing photo's natural beauty. Most of the users like to change the object colors in their photos. Okay, let's look at the steps to change the color using Snapseed.
Replace Color In Snapseed
  • First of all, you make sure that you have updated the Snapseed application on your device so that you will get the updated features and options.
  • Now you need to select and open your favorite photo in the Snapseed application.
  • In this photo, we can replace the color of the river yellow with blue.
  • Choose the tools option at the bottom of the Snapseed and select the curve tool.
  • In curves, there are four channels that are red, green, blue, and RGB.
  • Pick any red color and adjust the curve. Next, select the second option green color, and adjust the curve.
  • Then select the third color blue and increase and decrease the curve.
  • Don't get worried about the whole image.
Replace Color In Snapseed
  • Now tap the upper button and select the view edits. We can see the curves and select the brush tool.
  • In this section, we can apply the blue color in a selected area of the river.
  • Bottom of the picture we can see up and down arrows with this increase and decrease the amount of blue that we want to add to the river.
Replace Color In Snapseed
  • Now we can start painting over the river. Using the up and down arrow button increase and decrease the amount of blue color. 
  • Finally, color replaced in your photo using Snapseed. Now save your picture and share it with your friends. 
This is how you can easily change/replace any of the image colors using the Snapseed app. I hope this guide will be helpful for you. Please share this guide with your friends too.


Using a Snapseed is a very easy way to replace the colors or change color in snapseed in your image. I think now you understand that. if you have any doubt about this editing guide please ask in the comment section. you want more updates about the Snapseed application just follow our blog. Thank you so much for reading this post.

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