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How To Add Logo/Text/Watermark on your Image Using Snapseed?

Add logo/Text/Watermark in Snapseed: Hello Reader welcomes to our photo editing guide blog. Adding a logo, text, or watermark to your images is one of the useful ways to secure your images. It places a small transparent text or logo at a convenient place, to let other persons know that the photo is copyrighted. They can not use that without your permission. When you can do the process with the Snapseed application you save time and your image from undergoing further compressions. Here we guide how to add a logo or text watermark on your image using a Snapseed application.

Add Logo or watermark on image in Snapseed
Add Logo or watermark on the image in Snapseed

    What is Snapseed:

    Snapseed app is one of the most versatile photo editing tools for both beginners and professionals and you can download it easily from the google play store. Snapseed is a free photo editing tool with plenty of advanced editing options. Snapseed had a lot of features like color change, background change, And auto color adjustment, filters, and so on. After editing your image you can easily add a watermark with your logo or text using the double exposure tool which is guided below. Watermark provides the ownership for your own images. So most professional photographers using watermarks with logo or text. The Snapseed app is currently owned by Google so you will get good editing results. You can also download and use it from the Google play store. Okay, let's look at the steps to add text/logo to any images using Snapseed.

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    How To Add Logo or Watermark On Your Image Using Snapseed:

    Here we can see how to add a logo to your image using the Snapseed photo editing tool. 

    Add Logo or watermark your image In Snapseed
    • First, you need to download and update the Snapseed application on your device.
    • Then choose the image from your gallery.
    • Select and apply any filter you like.
    • Tap the Tools button and now showing many features on your screen.
    • From the shows tools, Select the double exposure feature. Now you can see three options at bottom of the image.
    Add logo or watermark on your image in snapseed
    • Select the first option to select the logo from your gallery.
    • Then using the second and third option blending and opacity to adjust your logo size.
    • Finally, your logo added to your image.
    • Then save your image and share it on your social media. This is how you can easily add a logo/watermark to your image.

    How To Add Text or Watermark On Your Image Using Snapseed:

    Add text or watermark on your image in snapseed

    • Open/Choose the image from your gallery in Snapseed.
    • Select any filter you like and apply.
    • Then tap the tools button.
    • Select the 'text' option.
    • Now you can type any text on it.
    • After that, choose the first option you can change the text color.
    • Choose the second option opacity to adjust your text size.
    • The third option is blending mode to use an add different style.
    • Now your logo is added to your image successfully.
    • Then you can save your image and share it on your social media. Adding text to your image is this simple. Use both methods and share your experience.


    The Snapseed application gives the image a new look in just a matter of minutes. This article will help you with how to add a logo or text watermark to your image using Snapseed. Share your experience with this watermark process in our comment box. Keep following our blog for more updates about the Snapseed application. Thank you so much for your visit.

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