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How to Change Background color in Snapseed? - New Update 2024

Change background color on Snapseed: I'm feeling very happy welcome you guys to our tech blog. Are you being confused that How to change the background color on Snapeseed? Then you no need to get worried, Because you're staying the right place and reading the perfect content, Yeah! This content is all about how to change the background color on Snapseed. Snapseed is the best choice for photo editing for smartphones because this application has good unique based features. There are many stunning features in Snapseed that you can adjust the color sense and contrast automatically. In Snapseed, there are many in build tools like drama, grunge, vintage, center focus, frames, and tilt-shift(uses to resize the image). By using this application you can upload the edited images directly to social media and this application is free cost available on the internet. Okay, let us look at How to change the background color on Snapseed.

Snapseed background change
Snapseed background change 

How to change the background color on Snapseed:

One of the obvious reasons for changing background-color for the better photo look. Peoples are mostly using this application for this purpose, it is stunning how even the slight background changes will completely alternate the visual of a photo. Most of the iPhone users are using this app making the main object in the photo pop-out, and this will be done by dialing down the color scheme for the photo's background, by leaving object the main object unchanged. Here we going to tell wonderful ideas for changing the background color on your photos via Snapseed. You have to make sure that you have installed and updated to the latest version of Snapseed.

Making a clean black background:

One of the most common things is blackening the background of the photos and the most effective way to accentuate the main object and making it looks better while making the overall image will look more professional. there are other ways to 'blacken' an image do exist, the most effective will get by using the Expand feature.
Snapseed Background change
Snapseed Background change
At first, you have to open the photo in Snapseed. At the bottom of the screen, select Tools. In the tools list that will open, Then select Tune image. Now you need to click the Sliders icon at the bottom of the screen (The second one from the left). Then move on to the sliders until you get satisfied with the results. You will be probably going to that how to play around with these sliders for a while until the backgrounds turn black as possible. When you are done, click on the Tick icon at the bottom of the right corner.

Now you navigate to the tools section again and then select Details. Again, you have to use the sliders icon to set the ideal structure and sharpening setting. Tweak these two settings until your background changes black as possible, without ruining the colors of the main object at the image.

Move back to the Tools section, Then select Curves. Then move the curves around until you get achieved the effect that you are going for. You have to make sure to select the different points of the diagonal line that featured in the tool.

At final, you should choose the Expand tool from the Tool section. The smart option is selected by default, so you need to use it for expanding the edges of the image, This tool helps to enlarge the background, for making the object pop-out more. Now you tap the Tick icon and export the image.

Darken the background:

There is a difference between making the image background black as possible and make it get appear darker to add more styles to your photo. Selective darkening is done by using the Selective tool from the Tools menu. And start from the outer edge, then tap the background area. Then use the pinch gestures for decreasing or increasing the focus area. Once you are done with it, lower the brightness of the area in questions by swiping to left. And you can place the multiple points of focus for selective darkening.

Snapseed background change
Snapseed background change
Then play around this tool, until you get the satisfying results. Don't refrain from zooming in for a more detailed view. This tool will be smarter enough to tell which object is in the foreground and it will do its best to avoiding to darkening it, if the main objects end up being too dark, then save the photo by exporting it, load it up again, then place the selective marker on the main object and brighten it by swiping right.

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Making a Black and White Background:

The most extremely popular effect is black and white backgrounds. The main idea is leaving the main object to get colorized while changing the background black and white. This will make the main object vividly pop out in the image.
snapseed black and white
snapseed black and white 

Once if you selected the picture that you need to edit, Then go to the Tools section and select the Brush tool. From the menu option at the bottom, select Saturation and decreasing to -10 by using the arrows, Now paint over the background. It is as simple as that. Then pinch the screen for zooming in or scroll the image that you're editing for the more accurate strokes and if the image looks weird, Then click on the Eye icon to display everything that you have painted in red.

That's good much regarding color the photo background black and white. However, You can also use other tools from the Tools menu to make the photo look even sharper and better.

Be creative:

These all are the three ways for changing the background color of a picture by using the Snapseed application that can help you for making the photos as better with a few efforts. However, these applications inbuilt with a wide variety of tools for you to get explore and use to make your photos looks as professionally edited visuals. For the more time you spend on editing photos, the best it will look at the end.


We have provided the complete explained guide that How to change the background color on Snapseed. We hope that our content will be very useful for you guys. By using this application you can completely make the change over your picture and its background as you want. Thank you guys for supporting and reading our contents regularly. Please keep in touch with our tech blog to get information about technical updates and news. If you guys have any doubts and queries just write your valuable comments on the below-given comment boxes.

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