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How To Replace Face (Swapping) Using Snapseed App? Working Method

Face Replace Using Snapseed: Hello friend, welcomes to our photo editing solution blog. Are you searching for how to replace your face using a snapseed photo editor app? Don't worry here we clearly explain to you the way of how to replace (Swap) the face using snapseed. It is a very easy process to understand. After the face replace no one identifies this one is edited. That much of the original look comes in the output. Most people using snapseed for face replacement because it produces the best results.  

There are plenty of photo editing apps available on the internet but still snapseed made millions of downloads because of its features and end results. Okay, Now let's look at the steps to replace any face using the snapseed app.

Face Replace Using Snapseed App
Face Replace Using Snapseed App
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What is Snapseed Editing Tool?

Snapseed is a free photo-editing application. It's very user-friendly and easily accessible by any new person. so most professional photo editors using this for their pro purpose. Snapseed is available for all platform devices such as Android, iOS, Windows and etc. This app is very useful to beginners to learn about editing tools It has lots of filters and 29 tools like face replace, background change, double exposure, Healing, etc. Okay,  Let's get into the topic.

Important Highlights of Snapseed App.

Snapseed has many advanced editing options but here we listed some important features of snapseed.
  • Snapseed support to edit all formats of files.
  • It has lots of filters, frames, and tools.
  • You can crop and rotate your photos easily.
  • Adjust your brightness, color, saturation, contrast, automatically.
  • Then you can replace the face using snapseed.
  • Also, change your photo background color and background image.
  • You can add so many layers using double exposure. It has many other features to know more the read the complete post.

How To Replace Face (Swapping) Using Snapseed App?

Face  Replace Using Snapseed App
Face  Replace Using Snapseed App
  • First, open the snapseed application and select the photo from your gallery.
  • Tap the tool button and now it shows a different option.
  • Pick up the double exposure option.
  • Adjust the photo and put the boy's face on the girl's face.
  • On the top right side of the photo three icon display, you chose the second option and select the view edits.
  • And go the double exposure and select the brush tool.
  • Now start the face replace.
  • Zoom the photo and you just paint the brush on the boy's face.
  • Adjust the double exposure using up and down arrow buttons.
Face  Replace Using Snapseed App
Face  Replace Using Snapseed App
  • Do Again the same process. Select the same picture from your gallery ->tool -> double exposure.
  • This time adjust the photo and put the girl's face on the boy's face.
  • Go to the view edits ->double exposure -> brush tool. Then zoom the photo and paint the brush on the girl's photo.
  • Then go to the tools and select the selective tool.
  • using this selective tool focus the face and adjust the brightness.
  • Finally, your face replace (swapping ) is done, save the photo and share it with your friends.


Snapseed is a very easy tool for face replacing because snapseed has a double exposure feature. I think this post will help you with face replacing using snapseed. If you have any doubt about this post just ask in the comment section. If you want more information about the snapseed you just follow our tech blog. Thank you so much for reading our post.

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