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Snapseed VS Lightroom Which Is The Best Photo Editor - 2024 Comparison

Snapseed VS Lightroom: Hello, friends welcome to our photo editing guide blog. Are you looking for the best photo editing application for your device? Do you want to know which is better photo editor between snapseed and Lightroom? Here we compare the two best photo editing tools. From this article you will know which one stacks up better? Which one has the best features? Which one is the cheap cost? These applications are quite similar to each other on their own. if you had any confusion on which way to go, Just read this detailed comparison and choose your favorite. Let;s get into the topic.

Snapseed VS Lightroom which Is The Best?
Snapseed VS Lightroom

About Snapseed & Lightroom:

Snapseed is one of the best free photo-editing applications with profession editing options. It's developed by Nik software in 2011 and it's owned by Google. The snapseed application recognized as one of the top 100 best android applications of 2018 by PC Magazine. Snapseed application has over 100 million downloads on the Google play store.

Lightroomalso a great application for photo editing. Lightroom was developed by adobe in 2007. It has evolved from its desktop version to work on mobile. Lightroom also made over 100 million downloads as of writing this post. 

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Snapseed VS Lightroom:

Snapseed VS Lightroom Which Is The Best?
Snapseed VS Lightroom Which Is The Best?

Editing Tools:

Snapseed Application comes with 29 plus tools, while lightroom application comes with about fifteen, and each tool contains sub tools. Here compare some of the important editing tools.


  • Snapseed application offers eleven styles and six drama effects, Five glamour glow effects, Thirteen retro lux effects, fourteen noir effects. totally it comes with 56 options. The style tab comes with an add-new button. sometimes the button is not working properly. 
  • Lightroom application contrarily comes with presets and profiles. It offers a total of 45 filters and nearly 40 plus presets depending on the device. It's all are free and categorized into favorite, modern, vintage, black and white, etc.


  • Snapseed and Lightroom both application offers to Autotune the photo.
  • Snapseed application separates into image tuning and whines balance.
  • Lightroom application comes with one button in total.

Crop and Rotate:

  • Snapseed Application offers the Crop, Rotate, Expand Perspective Option. All the tools are displayed separately in the tools tab.
  • The crop tool comes with seven inbuilt aspect ratios to help choose the ideal size.
  • Expand tool is unique which uses AI to predict the surroundings & expand the picture. but the expand tool is not accurate all the time.
  • Lightroom application comes with Straighten, Crop, Rotate and flip.
  • the crop tool offers seven inbuilt aspect ratios.
  • Straighten a tool is a unique tool that uses AI to Straighten the image.
  • Using the flip tool to Flip the image vertically and horizontally.

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Snapseed VS Lightroom Which Is The Best?
User interface is the major part of all smartphone application
  • Both applications have a different interface. The tools in the snapseed application are in the tools menu. The style tab contains some on-the-go styles. Undoing and redoing option on the top side. Snapseed application has a minimal interface.
  • Lightroom application, on the contrary, comes with a dark theme. All the Lightroom tools at the bottom of the display. At the top of the screen, you get the photo information, help, ratings, share, delete options.
Holding on the image shows the original image in both applications.


  • Since the time Snapseed application absolutely free to use.
  • Lightroom application for mobile is free for wherein you pay for some features like selective masking, Healing, and Geometry. If you already paid for the PC variant you don't need to pay separately for mobile.


  • The final part of Snapseed and lightroom is the export option. Both applications support exporting the same resolution image.
  • Snapseed application saves the image location, date, and camera's export in JPEG format.
  • Lightroom application saves the date, camera information, add tags depending on the image. lightroom does not save the image location. It is export in JPG format.

Snapseed VS Lightroom Which App to Choose?

This is our detailed comparison of snapseed and Lightroom application.The Snapseed is the best application for mobile image editing. The minimal UI, quick editing will help you grasp key concepts of image editing. Snapseed is only available for mobile while Lightroom has both mobile phone and desktop variants. You are ready to pay for adobe suite and cloud services, lightroom would be the best option.

Final Words:

I hope this information was very useful to you. Choose any one according to your need and share your editing experience with us. Let me know your thoughts in the below comments section. Thank you so much for reading our article. keep following our blog for more photo editing guides and tips.

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