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Best Macro Lens For Mobile Under 1000 - New models 2024

Macro Lens For Mobile: Hi everyone welcomes to our blog. Are you looking for the best macro lens for mobile under 1000? Don't worry here we give the Best macro lens for mobile under 1000. Nowadays photography enthusiasts and hobby photographers looking for a macro mobile lens. So So many lens companies introducing lots of macro lenses for customer satisfaction. Here we listed below some best macro lenses for mobile under 1000.

Best Macro Lens For Mobile Under 1000
Best Macro Lens For Mobile Under 1000

Squaircle 14X:

This is the Squaircle brand and this macro lens manufacture for all smartphone brands. This model released in 2020. Squaircle used 14 X telescope hardware. It's made of plastic and metal. It is a chine based company. 
Best Macro Lens For Mobile Under 1000
Best Macro Lens For Mobile Under 1000

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Here we listed some Squaircle 14X features.
  • This macro lens allows landscape capture with amazing clarity.
  • It acts as a monocular telescope that gives you every time to see the wonders of the world. from a long distance.
  • Squaircle has an HD Telescope for sharper picture quality and more color reproduction.
  • it can transform your mobile phone into an instant Telepictures camera lens hassle-free
  • You can adjust the lens easily and our telephoto lens is perfect for different focus and shoot high-quality pictures.
  • It is a very small size so you can easily carry your pocket. 
  • It is multipurpose for animal watching, bird watching, sports events, travel, camping.

Amputive 20X :

Amputive brand is the Indian origin brand. The macro lens size is 3*4*2 cm and the weight is 50gm. it Supported all android mobiles and ios devices.  It is VESA MIS- D mounting type. This macro lens released in 2019.

Best Macro Lens For Mobile Under 1000
Best Macro Lens For Mobile Under 1000

Here we listed some amputive 20X features.
  • With the amputive 20x macro lens, you can add dimensions to your videography and photography.
  • it's supported for all android and ios mobiles.
  • Amputive 20X macro lens is the perfect tool for capture accurate picture detail.
  • The smartphone camera loses focus when the subject is near to 4 cm but our macro lens has solved this problem with accurate focus.
  • This macro lens comes with one pouch for safety purposes so you can carry the lens kit with a pouch. (during traveling and Raining).
  • it has a very strong sturdy clip to help you focus on the subject when your action mode is difficult.
  • with crisp detail; you can enjoy amazing camera shots.
  • The most important one is its very low price.

Shaarq 14X:

Shaarq 14X macro mobile lens is manufactured by Shaarq enterprises, an Indian company. This mobile macro lens is launched in 2020. It is a wireless tool. The shaarq mobile macro lens price is below thousand rupees.

Best Macro Lens For Mobile Under 1000
Best Macro Lens For Mobile Under 1000

Here we listed some shaarq 14X features.
  • The long-distance subject is presented very clearly in your eyes.
  • Shaarq has 14x so you can zoom 14 times.
  • It has an adjustable focal length.
  • The macro shaarq lens is very light and compact.
  • It is a good companion for traveling
  • you can easily place it in your small pocket. 
  • with this 14x macro lens you could see more clearly.
  • It is suitable for Animal abortion, games watching, distance shooting.
  • Multi-layer coating technology to ensure good quality pictures.

ZAKEO 2-in-1 Lens :

This macro lens is ZAKEO branded company manufacturer. This lens also released in 2020 by ZAJKEO. Its china origin company. This lens type is wide-angle and macro. ZAkEO is a 2-in1 lens.
This 2-in-1 lens cost is below RS.1000.

Best Macro Lens For Mobile Under 1000
Best Macro Lens For Mobile Under 1000

Here we listed some ZAKEO 2-in-1 features.
  • It is a professional and high definition lens made of aluminum and premium glass.
  • This HD lens reduces the glass reflection.
  • The lens is lightweight. so easy to carry in your pocket.
  • The most important one is the 2-in-1 lens, one is macro and the other one is wide-angle.
  • A wide-angle lens covers the more surrounding of the subject.
  • Using a ZAKEO macro lens to take a quality picture. 


These are the best macro lens for mobile under 1000. So choose any lens from the above list. We hope this above post is useful to you. keep following for more updates. Thank you so much.

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